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Output Configured for both/either Sinking or Sourcing


Is it possible for an output to function as both Sinking and Sourcing?

I successfully test complied an application that changes the Output mode from 1 to 2 during runtime of the controller.

I took examples from this topic

By setting my INIT hardware output to constant 1 / sourcing

Then used a switch to change the pin OutputMode from 1 to 2 with an bool signal.

Does the output hardware physically allow this to function as intended/programmed? is there any risk to damage?

Hi Lukey,

Is the output pin on a PVG type?  They can sink or source in this mode, but not sure of the current availability in this mode.

I've managed to get the pin to function as both sink and source with out issue on the PLUS+1 Hardware.

Issues arises with the relays I am driving externally.
As the configuration is basically 2 relays in series, the coil holding voltage once energised is high enough that the relays do not energise.
24V system, 2 relays in series, sees 12v across each coil, this is enough for them to energised.

I believe I can you some kind of diode configuration but I haven't worked out which yet.


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