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AnIn used as 24vdc DigIn

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I'm trying to use the smallest size possible controller, therefor id like to use a 5v AnIn pin as a DigIn with 24vdc input. from the switch

Is it as simple as using a resistor to drop the 24vdc down to 5vdc?

Anyone done this before and can advise what size resistor they use?

*EDIT FYI, I do not want to use the 5+ from the controller or use a relay to switch the 5+.
The application requires it to be compact and simple.

Which controller are you using? Which input pin?

It would be worth checking the ratings for the input you are using as there is a good possibility it will be rated to more the 24V. This can be found in the Controller Family Technical Information document for the controller family you are using.

11130915 / MC012-110, pin 5

This is the document for the MC0xx-1xx family

For some reason the input and output specifications are in a section with the heading CAN.

Thank you acmall.

Yes odd that the heading is CAN

There is mention Middle range and High range, nothing about Low range.

I have only seen the range selection on the multifunction inputs, so I'm not sure about this information.

Overall it does mention max of 36v  ???

I'm not convinced.


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