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SC050_C138_Status_8_minimum current


I use SC050 pin C1P38 as digital output.
When I toggle the output the status indicate 8.  It's open load but my load is connected.  My load has low current.
Please could you tell me about minimum current necessary to consider closed load.  status=0.
And how to get around this problem.

Thanks in advance for help

I know the MC050 and I think the minimum load for digital output is about 500mA to indicate a "1".

Years ago I opened an output module and find this MosFet:
 BTS 728 L2

Diagnostic Characteristics
Open load detection current, (on-condition)
 each channel I L (OL)1 10 -- 500 mA

See page 6


Hell marbek,

Thank you very much for your help.

My load is less than 50 mA.   

I can put resistance in parallel.

But I need to do diagnostic of the output.

With best regards

mac bahi


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