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Hi all,
 Apologies if this has been asked before but struggling to find what i need.
Im looking for a cost effective interface to program a JS6000 joystick. it is a one time thing as it is replacing an old MCH Model. Now i am using the PWM outputs but need to program it. #
is there a cost effective interface to do this as £500+ for something we are going to use once is a bit out of our budget. so just wanted to see if there is a cheaper alternative.

Many thanks.

All current Danfoss electronics are programmed with the PLUS+1 GUIDE software.  You can use this link to request a professional license:  That gets you a 90 day trial, but you can proceed with the free version past that.

This is a proprietary programming platform though.  You're going to need to do some studying and fiddling around to learn it.

hi thanks for the reply, i have the PLUS+1 GUIDE software and a key / licence trial im just more intrested in the USB/CAN interface.

You can get a pre programmed JS1 (single axis only) that can drive H1P/M1P directly for propel (no MC required) by ordering programmable JS1H with MP (software or settings field). You then adjust profiles, ramp rates and pump type/current using the free service tool.


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