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Compile error on Disable Output Safety Monitoring


I am using an SC050_13H controller and I am trying to get a simple test case to run.  My test case is only sending CAN messages.  I dont have any outputs in the program.  I am getting a Compile error on "Disable Output Safety Monitoring" on the outputs 33-38.  When I opened the Application Interface to find out more information, I did not see this feature in there.  I did, however, see a feature called DigFeedBack in the Application interface but not in my program.  Are these the same thing?  The error is

NO INPUT IN HWD FOR SIGNAL: {C1p38.DisableOutputSafetyMonitoring}, REFTYPE: {SYS}, FILE: {SC050-13H-PRIMARYT.exr}

Any idea what it is looking for and how to get passed this?  I tried to connect a T or an F to the "DisableOutputSafetyMonitoring" on one output pin but it did not get rid of the compile error on that pin.

Hi Joel,

What version of the HWD are you using? If I remember correct these signals were added in later versions.
So you might have downloaded the HWD file. Updated the template, with the signals, and forgot to updated the actual HWD, the OS?

The signals are not the same. You can read the API document to see what the different signals are.

You were right, I had an older hardware file.  Once I updated it to the current version, it compiled.  Thanks for your help.


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