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PVED-CL with Plus+1


Hello all,

Looking to see if anyone has ever operated a PVED-CL coil using a plus+1 controller. I only need to use it to operate a PVG32 valve so very straight forward, no fancy steering operation needed.

Happy to hear your experiences

40 views and no replies?

Has no one ever used the PVED-CL with a plus+1 programmed device before?

Hi Bryant!

I think you've already been in contact with some of my co-workers and got the infomation that PVED-CL is not intended to work with the PVG32, and therefore, we don’t have any past experience on how this would work.  Essentially, trying to use a PVED-CL with PLUS+1 is using a product for an application other than that for which designed.

The PVED-CL is not a generic Closed Loop Controller where one can freely link the Analog inputs to a “standard” PID control block and use it to drive the PVG’s mainspool. We would think this product only makes sense in the context of steering the front or rear wheels on offroad machinery, typically taking inputs from our Steered Wheel Sensor ( SASA), Joysticks and Wheel Angel Sensors etc.

Best regards
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