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Driving PVE-valve over a long distance (300m)



have anyone some experience about this?

A customer wants to connect a PVE-valve (PVEA?) over 300m to an analog joystick!

Maybe, there are some problems:
1. 300m cable (1,5qmm) -> 2x3,5 Ohm resistance.
2. What's about the disturbance?

Have you tested such cases?

What do you suggest to do?

It will be installed in russia.
So I don't know, if it is an good idea to use can bus.
It  have to be an simple solution.

Thanks for helping.

Hi Marbek_Elektronik.

I looked at a PVEA application over 80m and like you, I was conscious of the potential risk of voltage drop and disturbance etc.
After much thought and deliberating I decided to use a output expansion module at the valve, with a small MC12 to profile my input device.

Regards Neil

Yes, that was my thought too.
But the customer needs 300m and he wants to roll up the cable every day.
So the cable become very expensive.

I think, a joystick with 4..20mA output and a adapter from 4..20mA to PVG-Signal is good.
(We have such adapters)
Because you only need 2 wires.

But perhaps somebody have done this with normal 3-wire cabel over 300m and it works well?

Best regards,

Hi there,
you should use a PVE with active fault monitoring, because some of those adapers, especially the 4-20mA types where not that satisfying as they should.
If you have a wire break on the signals leads, your PVE will start moving uncontrolled.
I had problems with these adapters with an PLC. If a have to use adapers i try to use the +/- 10 Volts Signal.
But these will have the same problems with the distance.
I would prefer a solotion with a CAN-BUS, too...



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