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I'm programming a machine with several PVE-CC hydroelectric valves, which are all on the CAN bus.
The technical information document (520l0665.pdf) and available downloads seem to lack the information I need.

First, I need to know how to change the address/node ID for these valves, and have it keep that address.
Right now, the valves address themselves (as alluded to in 520l0665.pdf) as nodes 128 through 143, but at random.
For example, the first valve has been node 128 consistently, but the second valve was 129 most of the time, and then this morning during testing, changed itself to 132.
Obviously I cannot control valves whose addresses change.
I've got the P1D file for these valves, and can read all their parameters in the service tool.
Although I can see which node ID each valve has, I do not appear to be able to change the node ID that they use.
How do I change the node ID/address for these valves AND have it remain permanent?

Next, I need to know how to communicate with these on the CAN bus.
The information in 520l0665.pdf is does not tell you how to do this.
It gives you partial information, but the info on how to open/close the valves is not complete enough that you'd be able to send an open/close command to the valve.
I *can* open and close the valves on the CAN bus, but only with the help of an old test program that was provided by one of the GUIDE instructors.
If I send a CAN message with address 0x0CFE3006, byte 0 as a number from 0...250 (full closed...full open, probably), byte 2 as 1: extend or 2: retract, and bytes 1,3...7 as zeroes, the first valve (128) works.
How do CAN addresses 0x0CFE3006...0x0CFE4006 relate to node IDs 128...143, and why?
Why does byte 2 decide if it's an extend or retract command, and where is this documented?
(520l0665.pdf does not have this.)
What other messages can I send to these valves to control them, and what do I set the bytes to?

The docs allude to some very useful functionality, such as changing how quickly valves move from one position to another, and how smoothly they move.
However, without complete, concise documentation, I cannot use any of this.
Where is this missing information?

Another thing I need to know, is what actions will put the valve into an error state.
e.g. If you move the valve with the manual lever (probably while receiving a CAN command), it stops responding to the CAN messages.
Where do I find the list of error states, and how do I reset the valve to normal operation without power-cycling it?

Hi ET.

Whats the part number 157B?

You should also read the early thread regarding the cc's

regards Neil


To which earlier post are you referring? Please link to it.
In the time I've spent searching this forum, I have not yet found anything providing the information I require.

Answering one of several pieces of information myself.

CAN / Service Tool node address:
To change this, open up service tool and use a basic parameter function page to change:

Set them to something between 128 and 143.
Other values may or may not work.


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