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JS1H - Digi out



I have a JS1H with 2 buttons, one on the top and one on the shaft (OP present) on the wiring pinout i have on the black connector a Dig out 1 and Dig out 2.
 i am feeding 12v to pin 2 (pwr 1)  and gnd to pin 1. on the grey connector.

* So do the dig out 1 and 2 output 12v+ when the button is pressed?

* do i also need to add 12v to Pwr 2, Pwr 3 and Pwr 4 too?[/li]

many thanks.

It looks like it's a yes on all accounts

Perfect thank you. just a few other questions i'm using the PMW output for a 12v reversible output to control a 12v actuator forward is 0 - 12v and then backwards is 12 - 0v which PID file do i require for setting up the limits / proportional control scale.

again thank you, its not something i have used before, i do have the correct CG150-2 cable


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