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SASA Sensor Connectivity


Hey all,

I'm having some difficulty locating my SASA when i'm connected to the service tool. All other ECU's (MC038, DP720 and joystick) are shown and automatically connect, but the SASA is being difficult.

Was wondering if anyone else has had issues with this or previous experience with using this sensor and could me out.


The very first thing that I'd recommend is verifying the wiring, as it could just be that it's not getting power or CAN isn't correctly wired.  Following that I'd launch CANKing and see if you can see the message(s) that the sensor is sending.  Maybe give it some turns and verify that the bytes change.

I'd verify that it does not have the same node ID as one of your other modules on the bus.  Have you tried connecting it to the service tool by itself?


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