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Joystick JS6000 address problem

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Here is a link to the manual: -

FYI you can find all the documentation by searching for the model number on the Danfoss website: -

Using the Service Tool should be easier than having to create a specific message in CANking

Hello Acmall.

Thank you very much.  Yes sir I am agree with you maybe it will more easy to use service tolls.
But my problem is I am not an expert and in addition it's my first time that I use CAN joystick.
Honestly I don't know how to use it.  So please could you send more information and comments regarding your service-tools example program.

Thanks in advance for your patience and help.

With best regards

If you connect to the system with the joystick and open the example I sent you in the Service Tool you should see a parameter (ID.Node.SeverAddr) with the address of your joystick (0x34). Change this to 0x33, click the write parameter icon or press F4 to write the new address to the joystick. Cycle the power to the joystick and it should have the new address. To see the change in the service tool you may need to press F8 to scan the system after cycling the power.

The parameter page in the example has two parameters set up. Both are for ID.Node.ServerAddr. The reason for having the two is just for ease of use when changing from one source address to another. One is for 0x33 (0,51) the other for 0x34 (0,52)  Only one will show at a time depending on what the joystick address is set to. You may get a replace missing ECU message when opening the file, if so just click cancel.


Hello Sir Acmall,

It's done. I was very easy.  Thank you very much.

Now I know my error.  I opened your file with Plus+1 guide viewer to have idea about your program.  I was see the program and it was not easy to understand.

But after your last message I opened it with service tools.  I found it easy and It's done.  Sorry for confuse.

Thank you very much for all help

With best regards


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