Author Topic: Bug: "Error 15: Net Type Redefined" points to farthest page connected to output.  (Read 5152 times)


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*** ERROR 15 ***  [chpargu1]   NET TYPE REDEFINED, SIGNAL: {AN648/0} TYPE1: {CBOOL} TYPE2: {BOOL}
          MAINMODULE!TOP!Application!MachineLogic!PumpToggles!CallForHeat (88,245)

This error likes to show up when you haven't cut the wires connecting the default values on output wires.
The part which ends up wasting your time is that it points to the page farthest away from the output pin.

For example, let's say you're using pin 6 on an output expander as a sourcing digital output, and that the signal (T or F) is generated in one page, manipulated by a second page with more logic, then finally sent from a third page to the pin.
Let's also say that you forgot to disconnect the default "F" on the output expander page for that pin.
The error will show up on the first page, which is logically and spatially the farthest away from the output pin.
Furthermore, no other errors will show up for any of the other pages which touch the signal along the way.

This makes it very difficult to track down what is happening.
Pretty much every other compiler/interpreter on the planet will give you a chain of errors leading down the chain of functions/pages that touch whatever is causing the error, enabling you to actually see which functions/variables/whatever are actually involved in the error.
Pretty much every other compile error in GUIDE actually points to the closest page, so I'll have to assume this is a bug.

Please fix this.


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This only happens when you're using an output expander template.
If you forget to cut the default value on an output pin on the MC's output page, the error message correctly brings you to the page for the MC's output pin.