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CAN_BE_SAFE CAN Messaging examples? Also found error in function block descript


I am just trying to learn the Can_Be_Safe CAN messaging.  Anyone have any simple examples?  Also, I noticed that when I enter the CAN_BE-SAFE_Rx1 page, the description/explanation/Image doesnt match the actual function block.  The same is true for the CAN_BE_SAFE_Tx2 function block.  The .pdf seams to match so I will use that to try and figure it out.  I am using the library version 70079555v200 in case it matters.

Hi Joel,

I posted the same message to answer one of your other questions.

The CANBeSafe blocks is outdated due to changes in the standards and removed from PLUS+1 GUIDE a while back.
To replace this there will be a new library coming out in the Update Center, the J1939 Safety FB Library V1.00.
These blocks can be considered the replacements for the old CANBeSafe blocks and will support the J1939-76 safety protocol.

Hopefully it will be uploaded to the Update Center any day now.
With this library there should be some user manuals for you to follow.

Have a nice day.


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