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Application data logging

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Your need
If you need to:

* log data from your machine e.g. event log with error codes
* help to aid your machine diagnostics
* record e.g. voltage, pressure and several other application parameters
Your solution
Application data logging writes data to the memory of a Danfoss PLUS+1 controller or display. The PLUS+1 Service Tool (ST) program is used to extract the logged data. The Service Tool program writes data first to an encrypted .P1A-file (PLUS+1 application data log) file and then, with proper access rights, to a CSV (comma-separated values) file. Application data logging is hardware dependent and not all PLUS+1 controllers and displays support application data logging. Which one does can be found in the data sheet.

How it works
You can make use of the data by downloading it via connection to Service tool, either standing by the machine or remote by using our Telematics solution. One application can have multiple application data logs. For the DP7xx that has a USB port in the front it’s easy to download to a USB-stick.

Best regards
PLUS+1 Helpdesk

How can I read the application log on the display without a computer ?

Hi tkane!

This is possible on some displays; DP6XXTM with _lg HWD, DP620LX and DP7xx series.

There is a component (only available for the hardware mentioned above) called Read Array from Application log that can be used together with the Write Array to File component to enable access to application data logs without the use of the PLUS+1 Service Tool. If you use the Help function within GUIDE (hit F1 when the component is highlighted in the Component tab) you will get a very good description of how to do this.

Best regards
PLUS+1 Helpdesk


How do I download the logged data to the Memory stick in a DM430E?

I see no procedure somewhere.

I guess I know the answer but just in case

Does the DM430E can log directly to the memory stick?

Thank you   

Hi pinias,

Since DM430E miss the USB Host function it can't log to USB.
If I'm correct you need the DP7XX or DM1X00 displays for this function.

Have a nice day.


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