Author Topic: Downloadable File not Updating After Saving Project File  (Read 5395 times)

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Downloadable File not Updating After Saving Project File
« on: September 27, 2023, 02:58:32 AM »

Lately, I have been making changes to some code for an old DP600 Display. In the past, I have had no issues updating the code, uploading it, and debugging by viewing checkpoints on the service tool. Just recently, though, I have tried uploading updated code and I'm not seeing my changes reflected on the display or in service tool. While uploading the code, everything behaves as it always has in the past.

When I look at the files in my file explorer, I have noticed that the date modified for the SCS file seems correct (Sept. 26- consistent with my most recent code changes). However, my Plus+1 Downloadable File that is typically uploaded to the display through the service tool has a date modified of Aug 27th. Additionally, my Plus+1 Project File has a modified date of July 30th, even though I just made changes to it in Guide today (Sept. 26th). I'm rather unexperienced with Guide, but I suspect my problem is that the files I mentioned are not synced correctly. How can I get them to sync correctly? Or could something else be causing the upload to not work correctly?