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Links to Danfoss site not working


Hi everybody!

Has anyone noticed, that the links to literature on the Danfoss website, provided in this forum, do not work?
Same problem when following search results on It states "error-404", "The page cannot be found".
It looks like the entire Danfoss site has been reorganised and now old links don't work anymore.


Hello Sergio!

You are correct, our website has been updated to the new Engineering Tomorrow theme and unfortunately the links were also updated.

Film about Danfoss Engineering Tomorrow:

We will try to update the broken links if possible inside the user forum to reflect the updated Danfoss website.

I am very sorry for this inconvenience.


I've had similar problems.

I do NOT like the new layout.  It seems like they've gone out of their way to make things more difficult to find.  Also, I've noticed that they've changed the name of the HDW files, so now I don't know if I have the latest from the file name.

I'm beginning to wonder if they hired Parker's web designer.

I have to agree with dlewis & Sergio-DEK.  The new website is difficult to navigate, too little information on a page, too much whitespace, too much scrolling required, too many clicks to find what's needed, too many 404's, and too difficult to compare products (tabular information please).

It makes shopping for a product extremely slow.  Like the Eaton website from a few years ago. (we ditched Eaton partly because it was so hard to get info & support.  By the way, about the Plus+1 support...)

I would love to know how many people here use a touchscreen versus some other pointing device (mouse, touchpad, etc) for navigating the Danfoss Plus+1 site.


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