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Joystick with Duty output


I have a joystick that output a 5V 500Hz Duty signal.

Can anybody explain how the duty input on f.ex. C1p16 on an XL104 work and should be setup?
I looked throug the API, but it doesn't give a thorough explanation.

The settings that work best for me is:
Bias = 3: Pull-Down to internal GND, Pull-Up to internal +5V
Range = 0: 5,25V range

Are the DigThresHigh and low settings applicable when using duty?

I say those settings work best for me, but i have had insidents when suddenly the input can't read the duty signal and only oscillates between 0 and 100% in the servicetool when i know the duty is 50%

Heres my settings atm


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