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Controller with no I/O


I've been asked by a larger customer of ours if there's a small controller with little or zero I/O that has two independent CAN bus ports.  They need the two CAN ports, but all of their I/O are CAN devices.  Is anything in the works that is smaller than a MC024 and has two CAN buses?


I hope you don't mind that I moved it to the "Controllers" topic instead.

A small controller with minimum I/O and two CAN bus ports.
The only one that I can think of and fits that description is the DM430 with dual CAN.  But I guess there's the small question about cost as well.
Have I forgot something? Maybe someone else knows?

Sorry that I didn't have a better answer.

Indeed the DM430 actually costs more than the smallest controller with 2 CAN ports (MC024).  As you might imagine the cost is really the driving factor, and it seems like I/O - especially outputs - are generally a driving force behind price.

Tom out of curiosity what exact model/number MC024 has 2 CAN ports? I thought it only had 1 port.
I know the MC050 has 2 ports.

That would be the MC024-130 (11144803) or MC024-132 (11144804)


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