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Title: SET from controller
Post by: pinias on June 23, 2020, 07:37:05 PM
Hey guys,

does any one knows how to SET a value in device without using the service tool, and set the value with a controller for instance?

in other words, I have a non programable hardware PLUS1 compliant, so with the service tool you can SET different values or parameters, that is cool however I would like to be able to SET the same values with a controller instead of the service tool.

I hope I made myself clear in regards of what I want to achieve.

thanks for the hint


Title: Re: SET from controller
Post by: SJ Industries on June 24, 2020, 05:13:24 AM
You would have to use an input, from a digital or display screen output to enable a postive transition, the logic before would have to written to suit but i would assume that after the pos transition the function would be the same? You may need to use NV memory components (or a memory component for non permenant values )and "set" a value to those from your desired inputs.  Hope that makes sense.
Title: Re: SET from controller
Post by: acmall on June 24, 2020, 09:05:47 AM
The device parameters will usually be changed by sending a specific CAN message (or messages) that should be documented in the technical information for the hardware.
Title: Re: SET from controller
Post by: pinias on June 24, 2020, 03:38:30 PM
Hey SJ,

oh I am talking about the HMR which is a non programable PLUS1 device, there are work blocks from DANFOSS that you can use to tell the HMR its configurations or read its parameters however not all are there.

Basically with the Service tool you can SET the start count and the max count for the rotary encoder and also the rollover function however you cannot do that with any of the DANFOSS blocks which is odd.

of course some logic will make it work but if it is already there why not just use it.

that will answer acmall suggestion about reading the techincal information.

if you have done any service tool file for your devices, and you implement the SET function then you set that value with the Service Tool file some like this
 of course with the non programable devices we do not have access to this part of the logic, we only can use it, that is why I wonder if it can be done with a controller also,

so far I have seen no any iformation about