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I was wondering if anyone has experienced (or can help me solve) this issue:
The application has a DP610 , MC50-10 & an OX0-12; I am using the hardware to operate a machine + control a CAT C4.4 engine.
Display, Controller & OX0 linked on CAN 0
Display, MC50 + Engine linked on CAN 1.
No issues with the machine side at all but cannot seem to control the engine speed even though the display has all the feedback from the engine.
I have done this many time before so am fairly aware of the pit falls.
The strange thing is that the red LED on the controller is flashing about 1 Hz (indicating a CAN fault) but is not on the Display.
Would this suggest that the CAN 1 channel is faulty?

Are you sending the CAN signal to the engine from the Display?  Because, I've had issues when doing that.  Now I send a signal from the Display to another controller that ulitimatly sends the CAN command to the engine.  When doing this, I've never had a problem.

The engine speed index is controlled by the display via CAN 0 but it is the controller that actually send the TSC01 message via CAN 1.

This machine is in the field and was working fine for a short period of time (2/3 days) until now  >:(.
I am not with the machine so the information is coming 2nd hand.
Also, anyone know what's the difference between Bus Off & Driver Error, is 1 more serious that the other?
As I see from the template they have a different flash code, maybe if I can find out which fault is active I will know if its a replacement part or not.


From the API document:
.DriverError is set The CAN driver could not be initialized and the whole CAN functionality is shut down.
For CAN[0] this flag could be set if other CAN Nodes already communicate during initialization phase.

BusOff you can get when the controller tries to communicate with other hardware on the bus. Normally bad termination or short circuit on the bus line.

Both is bad because no communication is possible.

Best regards // Thomas

Dear Undertow,

Welcome to the world of diesel engines. We had some trouble with a similar application. CAT engine controlled by 2 MC50-10 and a display. First problem we had was that the display is sending data to the controllers that looks like engine data (on which the engine reacts) We tackled that issue by connecting the display to 1 bus and the engine to the other bus.

An other problem we faced was with an John Deere diesel, please make sure that the diesel is configured to receive data by the canbus. And make sure that you are sending to the right adres... see my other post on this forum. Also the terminator resistor will fuck things up sometimes (you can receive but you can't send...please don't ask why)

Good Luck

regards Jelmer


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