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I am applying the PLUS+1 to Telescopic.
By the way, when an electric motor that turns a Bucket is overloaded, it comes to CAN BUS OFF status.
Could you please explain the reason why CAN BUS OFF and DRIVE ERROR situations are caused?
Also, in the case of CAN BUS OFF, I usually reset the power of controller switching on from the off status.
In order to this method, are there any other possible ways to reset it?


CAN BUS OFF appears when the CAN controller tries to send but doesn't manage to do so. Possible reasons could be: wrong baud rate, bad termination, short cut on the bus etc.

DRIVER ERROR appears at startup when the CAN initialize and at the same time another controller on the bus is sending.

In the template for a controller, there is a function that will try to reset these errors 5 times with 1 s interval. This are the default settings, you can change them in the Unit_Config page.

If you enter the next page (for the bus you are connected to) under Unit_Config you will find the reset signals if you would like to make you own reset function. Reset for CAN BUS OFF is called CAN[n].Reset and the one for DRIVER ERROR is called CAN[n].DriverReset (n = CAN bus number).



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