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DM1000 not displaying all images


Hi, I have been using a DM1000 display programmed with Guide 2022.4 (and below) for a few months without any issues. I have recently upgraded Guide to 2023.2 and now some images do not show on the screen after loading the compiled code to the DM1000. Each time I compile and load it is a different set of images that doesn't show on the screen. Seems random each time I compile. The touch area for where the image should be still works but the image is gone. I have tried to revert back to Guide 2022.4 to resume normal functionality but the project will not open since it was saved last using 2023.2. Any suggestions? Is there a way to revert the project back to 2022.4? This must be a bug for Guide 2023.2?

I have the same issue with Guide 2023.2, the previous version 2023.1 is also ok. Fortunately I had a backup of the project as was able to go back to 2022.4 easily. If you don't have a backup you may be able to export the screen definitions, import them into a new project and copy the code in from the module viewer.

It will sometimes compile all the images and work ok. You can tell by checking the size of the __imageX.c files that are created in the project directory when compiling. If any of them are below 1kb it will most likely be a missing image.

I have had confirmation from Danfoss support this as a bug that the development team have fixed in the next release of Guide.


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