Author Topic: Ouster compliance block not installed correct through Update Center  (Read 4614 times)

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Due to a limitation in Update Center will not all files in the Ouster compliance block be installed. Danfoss are working on a solution for this.

It will be installed correct if it is installed manually in GUIDE. Please follow these steps:

1. Uninstall the Ouster compliance block in GUIDE if you have already installed it. Setup>Uninstall>Hardware

2. Under Tools>Options>General in Update Center: Make sure that you have unchecked "Automatically delete installed files". With this setting you can use the installation file from the download folder in Update Center.
3. Under Tool>Options>Storage you will find the Update Center download folder. Default: C:\Danfoss\PLUS1\Update Center\Downloads\

Look for the Ouster install file. If you don't find it please install it again from Update Center.

4. Install the Ouster compliance block manually in GUIDE here: Setup>Install>Hardware.

Now the block should be installed correct

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