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New Features in PLUS+1 GUIDE 12.2

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Hello everyone,

I would like to share some screen shots of our favorite features from the upcoming PLUS+1 GUIDE 12.2 release.

- Multi-Line Unicode Comments
  The end of 'one line' comments.
- Parameter Overview
  Modify properties of NV and Diagnostic parameters directly from the overview window.
- Quick Add Component
  Add components quickly without using the Component tree.

NOTE! This is still in the BETA stage and the appearance might change before the release. NOTE!

Have a nice weekend.

Thanks for sharing.

Good to see the multiline text and also good that it goes even further with rich text support. I have a suggestion for this, it would be good if the text box supported quick expanding and collapsing i.e. with a single click you can collapse the box to show the first line of text then click on the expander again to view all. This would allow for a brief description on the first line and expand out if you need more detail. 

Is there any change that we will get access to changing the colours of the components & busses. As per previous discussions in the forum the reduction in contrast with the new colours in V12 makes if very difficult to see outdoors. I am currently using V12 on a single project to test but, I have to keep going back to V11 when outside as V12 is just to difficult to work with in daylight on my laptop. I suspect that the addition of multiline text will change the file format so this will not be possible to open V12 files in V11.

Is there any word on when 12.2 will be available?

SJ Industries:
I would love to be able to asign the mouse keys to different keys. I use multiple programs and they are different between the scroll wheel and the right mouse button for drag etc. Drives me nuts as I am always getting them mixed up. Especially doing displays when I am drawing pictures for the screen on a separate program.

Hi SJ Industries,

This is something I can put on the PLUS+1 Wishlist for a future release.
I have some recollection that this has been up for discussion before. But I'm not sure when.


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