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HELP - I accidentally closed my project manager tab..


HELP - This seems dumb but I accidentally closed my project manager tab.. and now I cant get it back. The manual says that "In the View menu, click Default Layout to display the Project Manager and Inspector tabs" but there is not such option in view.

For that matter I unsnapped another tab and it wont re-integrate when I put it on the edge of my screen.

This is killing me I am trying to wrap up this program and I cant copy and delete the screens I need to.

Please Help!

Look at the icons at the bottom right of you screen. The one indicated will turn the Manager back on.

Thanks - That did it!!
I feel so silly for missing it.


I have done this! If that ever happens again, you can always click the dropdown that says "Default" in the screenshot above, and select Default to reset your tabs and menu bars.


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