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Real Time Clock For DM430

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Thanks Tor for the quick response.

I did that and it did not work.

Where can I check to see if I have the latest HWD file?


You can see what HWD you have in the Project manager, (#1 in the image).
If it's not 170, go to the Update Center and make sure you have that unit selected in your subscription (#2 in the image).
When you have selected that you'll get these notifications in the Update Center (#3 in the image) when there's a new HWD. Also, the HWD text in GUIDE will turn read if there is a new HWD file you subscribe on.

If the HWD is fine, I guess you have an issue with the logic. The image you posted doesn't show much.
In the second image is my small test logic for the RTC.

I hope it can help.


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