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DP700 "Unsupported data type PORT" **SOLVED**


This is my first time using a display and I am trying to setup a j1939 tachometer as a "hello World" type program.  I am able to connect function block EEC_1Rx1 to "Port" on Can0, but when I try to connect "Port" in the query screen component I get an error message saying Port is an unsupported data type.  What am I doing wrong?

To display the data from the ECC1Rx block you just need to connect the signals on the MSG bus of ECC1 to the IN bus on the Show Screen Component then use the Query Screen Component to select the signals to input to the screen. You can connect the whole bus as a sub bus or just the signals you need.

Without visuals on this, and no knowledge on your other Guide experiences...
I would suspect that the Sub-bus CAN_0 has a typo. A "view logical net" on the bus might tell you more.

Thank you for the help!  Acmall clarified things for me.  I didn't understand that "Port" is the input to the component and "MSG" is the output.  After he said that though, the component diagram does make it clear.


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