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Need example on how to properly send multiple can packets

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Have you got a screenshot of your RX block?  Are you using ID filter mask?  Are you using multiple RX blocks to receive the same message ID?  You can use multiple Tx blocks with the same ID, but you can only use one Rx block (with no data or ID filtering) as one of them will be ignored.

Hope this helps :)


Here is the Rx program.  Keep in mind that I have now changed the IDs to 0x001 and 0x002 respectively.  It did not change anything.  I also posted a video so you can see what is happening.  Look at the section where there are 6 u16 variables grouped together.  Occasionally it will display zeros.  That should not happen.  When there are values in all 6 spots it is working as expected.

Also I have examined the data with can King and it checked out as one would expect.

Here is a screen shot of Can King

I changed the CAN_Rx2 id to 0x003 and nothing changed even though Tx2 is still set at 0x002.

Seems to receive the packet no matter what I have the rx id set to

Why would that be?

The problem you're having is because your mask is set to 0.  If you want you can read up on logical masking, but for what you're doing you'll want to set that mask to 0xFFFF


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