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I would like to see in the near future a Stand Alone Memory Module that can be added to my system.

here is the thing:

I do have  around 30 equipments with a Controller MC050-010 none of them has the vault memory, so as the equipment gets older some issues pop up while doing the job.  People is asking, if you already monitor all these variables why not log all of them.

well, the answer is simple, the controller or display we bought does not have that capability. the next question is why is it not posible to buy a stand alone vault memory with may be 1Terabyte of capacity?

the answer is simple, Danfoss does not offer anything like that, you have to buy a display with up to 16MB of vault memory.

my suggestion is why not offer a module like the I/O module that will be connected to the CAN bus and log the data. it can be easily added and you can put a large vault memory capacity, with out the need of develop a lot of code.

I am pretty sure there are other potential customers out there with the same need

I am just asking I hope I am listened


In the mean time the WS telematics units can house a SD card which can get you 32 or maybe even 64 GB of memory.

Kvaser makes the Memorator that allows you to log information that is transmitted on the CANbus.  They work great for me.  I have the Memorator R Semi Pro.  One nice thing is that can also be used as a gateway with the Guide Service Tool.

Hi diewis,

I think this is a logger, not a memory,isn't it?
pinias search for a memory, which can write and read data via can bus.

Does somebody knows such device?
If not, I could consider to build a device, which can write data via can to a SD-card and which can read data via can from this SD-card.
Would be nice to have such device.

Now, I have asked and they have such devices.
They have dataloggers with SD-card or USB-Stick and they can program their loggers via script, so this devices will be a can-memory device.
You can write and read from it and you can put the SD-card in your computer.

Hey Guys,

Thanks you all for your comments, it really helps. It gives a better picture of what can be done.

Marbek has a good choice, matter of fact it is what I was looking for, you can record the data but also you can get the data in a LAN which is great.

I think I will try this.

Thanks again


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