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I used the default setup and I am connected to a S-D controller and I/O module bus and can see 20-30% bus statistics on the bar but I see nothing in the output window and no Rx,Tx statistcs, what am i missing?


Have you activated any filters?

Best regards // Thomas

Not as far as I'm aware, used only the default template.

Hmm strange, it should work.

Please contact our helpdesk in Minneapolis for more support. We can remotely connect to your PC if possible and help you directly.

Thanks // Thomas

So I am having the same problem, I have PLUS+1 GUIDE CANKing Version 5.00.175 (BETA) on Both my laptop and desk top, the laptop shows the messages in the output window and the desktop does not. I have checked all settings and find no discrepancies, I can load .lhx form both and use service tool from both so I am confident communication is isn’t the issue.  any ideas what I may be missing??


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