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Presenting ASCII string on display


Hi there.

To make it easier for you GUIDE fans out there we have put together a little application example that takes an array of ASCII character codes and presents them on one or more lines on a display. It is designed for DP250, but can easily be expanded for DP6xx as well.
It also comes with a scroll function for cases when the text covers more lines than will fit on the display.

This code is to be seen as a start point example for the users to develop their own implementation and we hope you find it useful.

Best regards
PLUS+1® HelpDesk

Hello Daniel,

Do you know the possibility to show more than one character in a screen?
Like a value:"%c%c%c%c....%c%c"
I am not sure, but I think it is possible to display a string of maximum 24 characters.
Each of the 24 characters you can give a data like: chr0, chr1, chr2,....
I can send you an example, if you want me to explain this more exactly.



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