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Hello out there,

Really green on Plus 1 programming.. had a question on Temperature Sensors does anyone have any examples on how they need to be implemented? I plan on using the standard Liquid Temperature Sensor...Any help/examples/point in the right direction would be awesome!!

There is a function block that already has the required "ohm vs temp" function built-in. This block is located under the Hardware Tab : Sensor-StandAlone/Temperature/Liquid Temperature Sensor/SubTemplate.

Simply feed it the input pin and it will retrieve the ohm value from it. Then, it will output the temperature, either in °C or °F, as you wish.


Thanks Sam.. I got that figured out I thought there was more to it than just hooking it up to the Ohms.

Just be aware of the ohm limits on the input pin you wish to use. because some will clip at 10k, which I think is around -5C.  But if your oil is that cold there are probably other issues...


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