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Changing screens at DP250

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Hello guys,

I'm just starting learning that new development environment (came here from C and Java programming). Everything seems to be completely different, but more-less understandable. Except one thing. I do not understand how to change screens. If somebody from you could make (or - if exists - point me to similar question/example) very simple program for that display with two screens changing by button presses - it would really help me going forward.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Alexey

Screens are defined in the "area assigning" block, and each screen area can be enabled or disabled by any bool value that you wish.
The trick is to control which screen area, that is active. Otherwise they just overlap each other in layers.

I hope this helps, a little.


Remember to select the enable signal in the Area_page.

Hello Jakob,

Had to switch for another task with different equipment, now returning back to studying PLUS+1 Guide. Thanks for your reply and thanks for the explanation! By some reason, I didn't realize I could simply change Enabled state for the area, not for the screen element.

Another question related to this one. If I have two areas with completely different elements (let's say, one set of text blocks and graphics to display hydraulics state and another - for burner state), is it better to have two areas in the same Define Areas page or have two individual Define Areas pages?

And also, not related to this question. Maybe there are somewhere function libraries (for DP250) with more visual components, like gauges, different shapes (rectangles, circles etc.)?


I like to use only one Display Area function block and insert all my different areas inside it. This way, I can use the order in the tree to use as a display order. The areas that are on the top of the tree have the highest order priority. This means that if two areas are enabled at the same time, the one with the highest order priority (top of the tree) will be in front of the other. Pretty useful for alarm pop-ups as you do not need to disable the background area to display the pop-up.



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