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Plus+1 GUIDE Patch 12.2.9 released



You can now download the PLUS+1 GUIDE 12.2.9 from the Update Center.

The main fix in this version:
"In large SCS files, some drawing commands such as Move, Route, Stretch and others
could be significantly slower than in GUIDE 12.1."

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Have a nice day.


I'm using V 12.2.9 and it was so slow I decided to look at the Forum.  I discovered that 12.2.9 should have fixed a speed issue.  Perhaps this hasn't worked for all computers. Unless it was even slower before the fix.

It really is extremely slow and probably halves my productivity at the moment.

Please help


Hello Richard,

If you still experience problem after upgrading to PLUS+1 GUIDE 12.2.9, please create a case for Helpdesk:
If you want, run a Dxdiag (write Dxdiag in the search field next to the Windows start button) on your computer and attach the file to the case.

Have nice day.


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