Guide 12.2 User Interface Lag

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While we're talking GUIDE 12.2.

Are the "bus names" on components and pages deleted on purpose or is there a bug?
I find it very useful to be able to see the names when zooming in on a page or component which is not possible on version 12.2

See attached pictures


The toolbars location is a design choice from the developers. I don't disagree with you that you want as much drawing area as you can, and I will forward your opinion to the team.

I have not noticed that issue until now. And I agree it is useful to see the port names when zooming in. I will report it.

Thanks for letting us know.


Hi @Thor thanks for the update.

I'll preface the rest of the post by saying that it is intended to be constructive and encourage further debate on the forum, just in case it come across as a rant!

--- Quote ---The toolbars location is a design choice from the developers.
--- End quote ---
From this statement I believe you are saying the developers decided that the toolbar will be fixed at the side and cannot be moved back to the top or turned off?
If this is correct this raises a few questions: -

* First I have to ask why? I am all for choice and if someone wants toolbars at the side that is ok but, why force this change on long term users who may not want the toolbars at the side? IMHO this is just wasting space as illustrated by the attached image.
* Why does it have to be fixed? Toolbars that can be docked where the user wants have been existed for a long time
* Why take away the ability to turn the toolbar off
Same thing with the colour changes, I like the new colours when in the office but, there should be the choice to change to a set of colours that give higher contrast when this is needed. There is no point the software looking pretty if it degrades the user experience for some of the users depending on the use case.

I recognise that the developers are working hard to improve Guide, and as I mentioned in a previous post there are some really nice and much appreciated additions to Guide 12.2 (and Service Tool 12.2) so, I hope they won't take the criticism of some the the decisions personally!

@acmall: I also can't work with this colours, this low contrast, I allways said this and I will hope Danfoss will give us the option to use same colours as in V11. It was perfect and I will not work with V12!


I don't have any good answers to why the choices have been made, I can only forward your opinions to the developers.
We appreciate all the input you have, so keep them coming.

Have a great day and stay safe.


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