Guide 12.2 User Interface Lag

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The lag is not consistent anymore in the 12.2.9 update..
But is it only me the experiences long lags now and then?

I haven't noticed any lag in 12.2.9 but, I have only used it briefly for for testing. I still jump back to V11 when I am outside at a machine due to the poor contrast of the new colours in V12 and the difficulty this causes in the daylight/sunlight. Unforutnally the request to have a high contract option appears to not be getting any priority so now those of us have issues due to the lack of contract have to decide between not using V12.2 and missing out on the really good updates or putting up with straining to see what we are doing and the fatigue that this causes us. 

Hi all,

I've only just started to use V12 due to the colours of the interface that I am not a fan of.  V12.2.9 is so slow I'm wishing I didn't do the upgrade now.  I am using it on a laptop with all files local and I find it almost unusable.  I am used to using the keyboard shortcuts for speed and it just can't keep up.  During the wait I often click L over and over and then when it wakes up it's all the way to the top level!  Stretch, move, copy, paste, etc etc all seem to be affected.

Just as I'm getting used to the nice features of stretchable multiline text windows it seems like I need to revert back to V11.  I hope that is possible until the next release that is usable at speed.


V12.2.9 appears to cure the lag for me when testing but, I am not using it daily for real work due to the interface colours and the difficulty it is causing me  using it outdoors.


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