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I'm working on updating a program and have decided that some of our old signal names should be changed to be more descriptive.
I've found the Search/Replace dialog within Plus +1 and the Search functionality works fine. However; I cannot get the Replace functionality to work at all. To me it looks like that the main issue is all replaceable item checkboxes are greyed out, so when i go to update the replacement list I just get the message 'There are no items to replace checked'.

Am I missing a setting somewhere or is this functionality just not available?

If I remember correctly the Replace functionality is only available for the Vector Based Screen Editor.

Hi PatrickS,

I'm sorry to say that the Search & Replace function only works for items in the Screen Editor for now.  So if you open a display application the boxes won't be grayed out.
I believe it's because of some limitation within the CAD engine that is used for GUIDE, and as far as I know the developers are working on it.

This is something that could/should be stated in the manual.

Have a nice day

(Edit: acmall was quicker than me.)

Oh ok, thanks, I tried looking through the manual but either didn't see that limitation or didn't understand it.
Anyway thanks for your help, when i get to updating the display, i see if Replace works then.

Hi PatrickS

I was a little bit unclear in my post. 
I can't find it in the manual either, but it is something that should be stated in there.  I will point this out to the responsible people.

Thanks for letting us know.

Have a nice day


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