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What do you all use for version control and change tracking?

Is there any external software that is compatible with the guide environment similar to GitHub?

I've been using windows folders and renaming/saving the project but it is difficult to keep track of the details of what was changed with each version.

We use Autodesk Vault since we were using that for CAD drawings well before we started doing in-house controls.  It works pretty well but apparently lacks some of the features that more purpose-made version control solutions have.  It doesn't have any special compatibility with GUIDE; we just zip up the lhx, p1d, and p1p and check it in.

we use SAP as our MRP system, so I assign a part number to the blanks controllers/displays, and then another part number for the Programmed Version.  The programmed version part number is a 'Make' item, and it has the blank part number as well as a part number that I create for the 'Software Build' in its BOM.  For Major Revisions I change the Software Build Part number, that way it gets the correct revision.  All my Minor revisions are backwards compatible for that Major Revision, so it works pretty well.  I still have to store the actual .lhx and Projects out on a backed-up Engineering-only drive (with the SW Build part numbers in the .lhx's filename) but it is better than no control.

Would be interested to hear better ways, too  8)


This is a very interesting discussion that I will keep an eye on.
When I worked as a developer we used Tortoise SVN as a version control software. I have never used any other version control software so I'm not able to say if it's good or not, but it worked fine for me.
The biggest problem with Version control is PLUS+1 GUIDE and the graphical drawings, the SCS file. This file can't be merged, as far as I know, during development. So be careful if you are more than one developer on a project.

I use the project viewer, included in the functional safety add on for GUIDE, and only check in the important unpacked files into the version control software. The red square (see image) shows what files is needed for the project to open. These files differ depending on what hardware you are using.  And maybe I check in the LHX file as well.  In SVN you can lock the project when you are working on it, so no one else do changes on the SCS file at the same time.

Have a nice day.

We also use Autodesk Vault for version control, but also have revision notes every time the software is updated, which is placed into a rich text document that is compiled into the lhx file which is then displayed in the service tool when flashing in software.
We also use the version number field under Service Tool Data which shows up in the service tool.

I also keep a copy of the .scs file for every revision, just so I have a record of what has been changed.


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