Insert wire and bus ports


I place a port in Guide page interface editor, OK.
If I want to place a second port, I can't edit the name while I am placing it.
Is there a key combination?

Today I place the second port an press "Esc" and then press "Q" and then edit this last port.

Is there a trick?

Hi Marbek_Elektronik,

I see what you mean, you would like to have the "Entry attribute" pop-up every time you place a port, and not every time you click "Wire/Bus Port"?
Now it adds a number to the end of the name you choose for the first one, like port, port1, port2 and you need to manually change the name.
I believe that you usually have different names on ports, so it would be logical to have the attribute pop-up every time you place the port.  I will ask the developers about this.

What you can do is clicking the "Wire/Bus Port" button every time, then the attribute pop-ups before you place it. You don't have to press "Esc" until you are done.

Have a nice day.

Yes, thanks.

Another thing is placing constants:
It would be very nice, if the value popups after placing it.
At the time, I place it and then type "Q" and edit it.


I had the "constant" discussion with my colleague as well and I will absolutely bring this up.

Have a nice day.


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