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Currently I'm working on a program for a display and controller pair. It's useful to use the module viewer to compare and have both "open" at the same time. However one thing I've been running into is that the module viewer is not displaying the program as I last compiled it. There are multiple changes that I've made that don't show up. Is there a setting or something that I am missing when making changes that is supposed to update that file?

My typical process is make the change, save, close to p1p and open the other project. Then to reference; open the module viewer of the file I just changed and closed.


When you close the project to .p1p you pack all the files including the latest .scs into the .p1p. Does the .scs file that you are opening in he module viewer have a ~ at the start of the file name. This is a backup of a previous version.

If you want to view the current .scs in the viewer use Close Project instead of Close Project to P1P.  There are some settings in the Project Open/Close section that control what happens when a project is closed.


Thanks, figured it was something simple that I was missing.


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