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Problem with MC050-010 in combination with MCX104A slope sensor


Dear Members,

I have mount an MCX104A slope sensor on a concrete paver. We use him for leveling. These sensors are widely used in the USA on Gromaco concrete pavers. The sensor is from TSD = Sauer-Danfoss. The problem I have, during the day the zero-point is floating depending on .....? I don't know. I have a stabilized 5 VDC power from the MC050-010. The minimum and maximum endpoints inside the programma are fixed. Is there anyone who have the same problem with this sensor or another one.

My customer has a few concrete pavers from Gromaco with the same sensor without any problems, and I build one for him with this problem and he have another one build by an European company with the same problem.


Lammert Kappers

Hi Lammert.

Ok its sounds like 50% signal voltage (0°) is wondering off.
I did have this once on an application, we put it down to expansion of the machine where the sensor was located.
As you say ours got worse as the day got hotter. We moved the sensor to a more rigid structure the problem was fixed.

Also have you a 3PT_sensor to calibrate the input?, you may be able to enter a dead band around the 50% to cancel out the drift.
And still set the end limits.


Hello Neil,

Yes I use a 3PT sensor and I calibrate the input. If I set the dead band around the 50%, it take to many angle to make a correction on the input.

After I put this topic on the forum I test a hole day on my desk with this sensor, and the problem seems that during the day the total taken power of the 5 Volt supply of the MC050 increase the 450 mA. (There are many sensors on this machine). In that way the power of the 5 Volt supply reduced to 4.8 Volt, and the zero-point is floating. When we start the machine the total power is about 100 mA. So we don't know yet where the problem came from.

We solve this issue by replacing the sensor by an other type who don't need a 5 Volt supply power.




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