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Test Tool and H1_EDC_Ang_Snsr Block


Hi all,

I'm having a small problem testing the H1_EDC_Ang_Snsr block in a page with the test tool.  At the beginning of the test I calibrate the block so that the status and status expanded signals are zero.  I turn the calibration mode off, then give the block a SIG1 input value that is out of the acceptable range, as defined in the documentation for the block, and allow the next step in the test to run for a greater length than the fault detection time.  However, when examining the actual values the block isn't outputing a fault signal. 

Has anyone had any similar problems or any ideas on what I'm not doing right?



Hi Pete,

I can give a little clarity on the fault logic
The Fault checks for the SIG1 input use the ratio-metric value calculated from Sensor Power.
So SIG1 is always some percentage of the Sensor Power voltage. This can be measured with the Input_Ratio checkpoint, which has a small filtering delay or calculated by SIG1*10000/Snsr_Pwr
This ratio-metric value is used to make sure the sensor is outputting a voltage within acceptable levels.

Fault levels are below 5%(500), above 95%(9500), and above 98%(9800). There is also a direct compare to Sig1, so if it below 150mV it will interpret that as a short to ground.

Hope this helps,

Thank you Matt, I understand how the fault signal should be getting generated a bit better now.

I can get the input ratio down to less than 500 or above 9500 and after the fault detection time the block will still not output a fault signal.  Perhaps the problem is with how I've created the test project to test individual pages.  In debug mode the block will output a fault, but not with test tool for some reason. 

Yeah there could be a few different things that could cause it not to work as expected.
Are you able to include a picture of the test result table? It could be a naming issue, which would appear as the red box also going around the name of the signal. Normally the red box only goes around mismatched values.

Thanks for replying again Matt,  I've been working on another project in January so this is the first chance I've had to come back to this.

I've included screenshots of the test page, and the In, Expected and Actual values from the test table.

The test table calibrates the block to the point where status and statexp are zero, but then when I give it a signal power value that takes my input ratio to 100% the block doesn't output a fault signal after the fault detection time elapses (1000ms).


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