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Also note that most of the displays can be connected to via USB for programing. Upload times to the display are a lot quicker when connected via USB especially if you have a program that uses a lot of images or other files. The display can also act as the gateway to connect to any other Danfoss controller that is connected to any of the displays CAN ports.

good to know indeed, thanks Acmall. i normally use the danfoss gateway adapter myself to do initial install, but i normally setup the ethernet port and use that later on to save time, but using the USB port would save a lot of money.
And yes AutoPile, those are the IOModules i was talking about.

my experience with using the HMI as a PLC aswell is that the normal loop time is roughly around 10-12 ms, but when i start navigating trough the screens it fluctuates up to like 40 ms, so if that's not a problem for your control loops it might be another cost saver! :)

Thank you, acmall and JordyHV.
The loop scan time may be a problem, but I will test this out in the R&D stage. Thank you for your suggestion.
So if I were to use a Danfoss remote control receiver, DM700 HMI, MC024-130 and PVEA-CI and PVEO-CI Series 6 Electrohydraulic Actuators. All of these would be nodes on the same CAN bus?

If you are going to use a seperate PLC for logic control you're not going to find this problem, the microcontrollers in my experience run very stable between 8 and 10 ms. and yes, they would be seperate nodes on the same CAN bus. I think that's the advantage of using PLUS+1 that there are standard blocks for most if not all danfoss components that you drag, drop and connect. Just be beware that those blocks are pretty heavy and fill up the micro controllers pretty fast, for example a project i worked on has a SC micro controller with like 14 valve sections and a few inverters and the micro controller was getting quite full.

The connectivity of all Danfoss devices in the Plus+1 ecosystem is exactly what has attracted me to use it. My system is currently a group of devices from multiple manufacturers and it is a headache to get them to communicate.
I am looking for MC0xx devices with two CAN ports if the Plus+1 devices are say for example on CAN0+ & CAN0- could the engine then use CAN1+ & CAN1-?


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