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SC024 Output problem

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Maybe the controller takes a false ground over the CAN network, but if you break the ground wire, I would expect the controller to malfunction in a random way. 
I'm glad the controller survives this at all.  Missing one of the 3 12 volt wires is bad if the current draw is too high on the remaining pins, but sinking a current over whatever is left doesn't seem healthy.

Hello Guys,

I have good news for you

I was tested again my controller in order to be sure when disconnect wire ground all output off controllers turns ON even though the Outputdisabled = 1 (secondary).  It's not normal.  You will find included the test sent to Plus +1 help.

To be brief, I suggested to Sir Randy to make a test in order to convince him. Finally Randy did it and he was convinced.
Here is his answer.

As I told in the my first message of this topics I was sure the problem.
I hope this case will help you

With best regards


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