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CS10 no device connected on wifi


Mike AA:
I recently updated my computer to 12.2.10 service tool, before attempting to use the CS10.

I have 3 CS10 units that I have changed the wifi SSID and password, per the #88 how to video that said the SSID and password must be changed to allow connection to CAN devices. I also downloaded the most recent .lhx file from the update center and have loaded the file to each of the CS10s. I did this because the video said something about if you received the cs10 before production release I may need to connect with a CG150 and download the latest .lhx file. All this seemed to go without a hitch, showed complete with SSID and password changed.

When I go to connect through wifi my computer will connect to the wifi fine and service tool will show PLUS+1 INTERLINK  and the cs10 listed with its mac address (Wifi). when I click ok it does the normal initialization but says "Device not connected" when it tries to do a device scan.

I can connect via bluetooth fine with the same cs10 no problem.

I would like to get these working so I can get them installed in equipment so I don't need to connect with a cg150 on everything.

Thanks for any suggestions or insights of what I have missed.

Hi Mike AA,

There have been some issue with what you are describing, and I'm not sure what the solution is.
I would suggest you to contact PLUS+1 Helpdesk using this link:
It will get you to the CS10 experts. You can just copy your text from here and paste it into the description of the problem.

Sorry that I couldn't help you more.

Good Luck

Mike AA:

I got in contact with helpdesk. Ryan responded and I sent screenshots of the situation. I have been using the Bluetooth function of the CS10 for the last few days but it seems each time I power cycle I have to re-pair my laptop.... this might be an issue with my laptop but all my other Bluetooth devices work fine.

Waiting on a response from Ryan about the WiFi connectivity issue.



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