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Using +1 GUIDE, I discovered that there is a JS1H_PVE template and also a Service Tool, JS1-H PVE_70201197v105.
However, on JS1H TI, I didn't find any information about the possibilty that programmable JS1H-PVE.
So, my first test to know if we could make specific software for this joystick is to try to flash one empty software on one.
For my test I use one 83069483 - JS1H-XY-PSH-S-NNN-TSP7-U-V1A-NNN-Y1A-Y1A-R1A-NNN-NNN-O1A-NNN-NNN-NNN-%%%-BNKN-NN.
With Service Tool, I could communicate with it and change parameters.
This joystick is flashed with application ID JS1-H_PVE_V115, version 70198078V115

When I try to flash my empty software, I have one message E247 : File not intended for this ECU.
I already checked that fiels "Target part number" and "Target serial number" were empty.

So my questions are :
Could we do a specific software for JS1H_PVE ?
Is there any limit using this joystick like a controller ?
Where could I find the software JS1-H_PVE_V115 to flash it back after my tests ?

Thanks for your help


As far as I know, the PSH control board isn't programmable, but parameters can be changed.
One important limitation is that you can't enable extra headers on the board (so you can't add a prop roller or push-button)
I've requested from Danfoss that they remove this limitation.
My guess is that what we are seeing here is the first step towards that, but that the hardware option (probably P2H) isn't in the manual yet...

There is already a programmable JS1 - PWH. The template exists in the Hardware tab. I've already used it for EDC and PVE control.


I received an answer from our DANFOSS SAE :
programmable PVE base with Hall is the “P2H” option
JS1-H technical manual need to be update because there is no mention of “P2H”.


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