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PVED-CC problem


Hi all,
I've started having problems with one of my PVED-CC valves in a 6 section PVG32. It's not responding to CAN commands. It did work correctly a few days ago. Current status is as follows:

* the PVED-CC sends out (what I'm assuming is) error messages:
 0    18EEFF84 X       8  01  00  20  07  08  FF  02  20    5385.694240 R
 0    18FECA84 X       8  04  FF  ED  8F  87  7E  FF  FF    6295.404510 R

the first one is on boot up, the second one is being sent cyclically with a 1s interval.

* the PVED-CC in question is reporting its spool position correctly
0    0CFE3406 X       8  00  00  00  00  00  00  00  00    6295.317600 R

* the valve/spool works correctly. I can use the levers to activate each section of the PVG32 including the one which is giving me trouble
** EDIT **
So I think that this message means that the spool can't reach 0 at boot up. To be fair that's not really a problem for me. I did find a few more messages:
 0    1CEBFF84 X       8  01  04  FF  EF  8F  87  7E  ED    2145.855390 R
 0    1CEBFF84 X       8  02  8F  87  7E  FF  FF  FF  FF    2160.951070 R
 0    1CECFF84 X       8  20  0A  00  02  FF  CA  FE  00    2145.756130 R

These - I have no idea what they mean. :(

Could anyone help me find out what's troubling that poor PVED-CC valve? I'd be grateful.

Rafa? Typiak

These are error messages, more than 1.
1CEBFF84     01       04        FF       EF      8F       87      7E      ED
                 SEQ   Lamp      Res   SPN1  SPN2   SPN3     OC   SPN1
1CEBFF84     02       8F        87      7E     FF FF FF FF
                 SEQ   SPN2    SPN3     OC

0xEF 0x8F 0x87  Main spool cannot reach neutral
0xED 0x8F 0x87 Main spool not in neutral at boot up

Check error messages in the manual and possible solutions, pages 49-57

Hi Todd!
Thanks for a fast reply :)
Do you think that this error may cause the valve to go into "error mode" and stop responding to CAN messages? I do recall an occurrence when such an error was being reported (different machine), but (if I recall correctly) it wasn't a major error and the spool was still acting normally. Maybe it's those other two errors that are the main culprits?

0    18FECA84 X       8  04  FF  ED  8F  87  7E  FF  FF   
0    1CECFF84 X       8  20  0A  00  02  FF  CA  FE  00

know anything about those?

Thanks again for your help!

If more than 1 error is active, BAM/TP is used for reporting
18CECFF84   8 20 0A 00 02 FF CA FE 00
8 = DLC   20=BAM  0A=Bytes 00=Bytes 02=Packets FF=Res CA=PGN FE=PGN 00=PGN
See page 39 of manual.

The other 2 messages are the errors, Main Spool not in neutral at boot up and Main Spool cannot reach neutral. See page 53-54.

Error Temporary. Depending on Fault monitoring mode the control of the PVED is restored when the
error disappears and the PVED has received two consecutive Blocked commands


--- Quote ---error disappears and the PVED has received two consecutive Blocked commands

--- End quote ---

uuuu. Blocked commands? So, like a '0' in direction? That's probably what I'm missing in my current setup! I'll try that tomorrow and see how that's working. I may be just switching between extend and retract with a 0 in displacement right now (I'm in a bit of a hurry).
Thanks a bunch. I was getting ready to disassemble the valve and clean everything. Still probably a good thing to do, but as I’m short on time – getting a software workaround seems a more viable option  :P .

Thanks a bunch Todd!



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