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Over voltage protection on the IO modules


I've read somewhere (don't know where) that the MCs have overvoltage protection on their inputs. Am I correct?
If so than I was wondering if the same realtes to the IO modules? I'm probably going to have to put 24V sensor signal on the DIN pins which are 0-5V. Was wondering if their simply 5V tolerant or can they handle the Vcc?
My experience so far sais that the MCs can handle overcharging but what about the IO modules?

Best regards,
Rafa? Typiak

Can-shield input: normally max. 25V (OX024-110: 36V?)
All other inputs: normally max. 36V

So they all have 36V over charge protection (apart from Can Shld)? Sweet. Thanks  :D

Rafa? Typiak


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