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Joystick JS6000 address problem

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First happy new year 2023.

It's my first time using Can joystick.  It's danfoss model as shown in photo.
The problem is the joystick address showing in nameplate of joystick is 33 but when it's connected in service-tool it's shown 52 dec equal 34 Hex.
We can see also in application 0x34 as shown in photo.
Every think is working when I use 34 but it's not working when I use 0x33 as address.  Please See photo.
Please I want to understand why is different.
My last question is about Plus+1 compliant JS600 joystick with can function block user manual page 4: J33 (right) =0x33
J34 (left) = 0x34. J35 (center)=0x35.  J36 auxiliary = 0x36.  What that mean???.  In my case my Joystick is J33 but why is working with 0x34.

Thanks in advance for your help
With bests regards

The address that is contained in the part code printed on the joystick is how it was set at the factory. The address can be changed using the Plus+1 Service Tool. It has probably been changed at point.

The source addresses listed in the manual are typical or common address based on joystick position so, if you had two joysticks you would use 0x33 for the one on the right and 0x34 for the one on the left. I don't know if these are industry typical source addresses or Danfoss typical ones.

Hello Acmall,

Thank you very much Sir.

Please could you tell me how can I change the address with service tools.

Thanks in advance for your help

With best regards

See example attached, after changing the address cycle the power.

Hell Acmall,

Thank you very much for your p1d example.  Really it's not easy for me.

Please could you give me joystick JS6000 CAN documentation?  I will try to use CANking to change the address.

In the pass I was changed encoder address and also MTS temposonics regle using CANking.

I think it's will be more easy for me to do that.

With best regards


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