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I have not programmed any of the DM series screens yet so someone who is using these screens will be able to provide better advice.

The only suggestion that comes to mind is can you add some logic to change the TouchMode to 0 when the Keypad is active and set it back to 1 when not active.


thanks to replay. Yes I will tray but I am new using touchsceen display in general

Please have you using key pad and touch screen, swipe touch  in DP720.

If yes please could you sharing some demo program.

Thanks in advance

SJ Industries:
I am currently unable to save the font files to be able to use the widget library.  I keep getting a file error and won't let me save the fonts.


I don't have a keypad but, I posted an example of a keyboard in this thread

SJ Industries:
Thank you acmall, this will help immensely.


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